Hello, world

Welcome to my blog.

After spending the past several years commenting on the blogs of others, I have decided to open one of my own.  The purpose of this space is to provide a venue for us to share ideas on issues facing us in the world today.  It is meant to be collaborative.   Exceptional comments may be promoted to postings in their own right where the subject might deserve further discussion.   I hope we will discuss things, gain different perspectives, and possibly propose solutions to problems.

It is my intention to maintain a culture of civil discourse.  If one can not agree to disagree, then this might not be the venue for you.  Minority perspectives are to be respected so feel free to elaborate on why you might have come to your conclusion.  Simply parroting the talking point du jour isn’t really what I am looking for here so think a little and add your perspective and thought process in coming to your conclusion.

This is still a new interface for me so I am going to bumble around a bit at first (and maybe for a significant period afterward).  The theme was initially chosen to be friendly to battery operated devices and that can change.  The idea being it takes less power to display a lot of black pixels than a lot of white ones.

Contributing authors are encouraged to request a guest posting.  This is a conference room and I want others to gain the floor and present their views on the main page and not just in the comments.  The name “Conference Room B” implies an alternative place of discussion away from the main conversation.  “Box?  What box?” implies that “out of the box” thinking shouldn’t be considered anything special, it should be the normal mode.   It is my opinion that issues are not as narrow as they first appear and there are often broader implications than might appear at first glance.  Personal attacks on posters will not be tolerated.  I am rather tolerant of a bit of sarcasm and humor but any constant harping or devaluation of another user’s comments will likely be moderated. Unpopular opinions often turn out to be correct in the end and we can not create a reality by simply “believing” one way or another.  There are a few taboo subjects, though.  “Chemtrails”, 9/11 conspiracy theories, and rants against religious groups are among them.  More will probably pop up from time to time but I hope those are few.

About me:

My politics tend to be more “libertarian” (note the small “l”) in that I favor less management at the national level with more control at levels of government closer to the people.   The reason is that I find most places on this planet have a wide diversity of culture and social values even within a country.  What works well in one region may not work as well in another.  Each region has their own set of resources upon which they can draw to solve their local problems (or even unique ways of solving a national problem in the local region).  Each region often has their own set of challenges that do not span the entire nation or impact that region to a different degree than the nation as a whole.  So I believe that a central government should set only a basic framework and facilitate the transfer of resources and information between the regions but should allow regional governments to solve problems in ways that are best suited to that region.  I generally tend to see “socialism” as unsustainable and a cruel manipulation of the poor designed to keep them poor at the expense of a wealthy clique at the top.  I believe that the economic concepts of Adam Smith and Milton Friedman and Walter E. Williams provide the most fair mechanism for the improvement in the condition of people on all rungs of the economic ladder.

My background is in electrical engineering but am currently a network architect.  I design and deploy rather large scale TCP/IP networks in the Silicon Valley area for a company that delivers global data services to end users. I also have some schooling in economics and world history.  My current interests are on climate change, international relations, government policy, economics, and history.

Well, that’s enough.  This is meant to be a space for all of us so feel free to come on in, grab a seat, lurk if you wish, but feel free to speak up.   Your perspective is valid.  You might have an interesting view of a subject that nobody else has considered.  Often the systems of interaction on this planet are very complicated and changes in one area might have impacts in areas that others haven’t considered.  We all bring to this discussion a life experience that is unique.  Nobody else has faced the same array of challenges you have or contemplated various issues the same way you have.

Ok, lets go!

— George


One response to “Hello, world

  1. Good to see you have your own blog George! I’ve enjoyed reading your comments at CheifIO’s and TallBlokes and look forward to intersting posts. 🙂

    Thanks! I hope this goes better than my last stab at it. I’m a single parent with two young kids and a job. I sometimes abandon my blogging.

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